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Filing Requirements

According to the Filing  Status, Age and Gross income the limits for filing or not filing are:
Single    under 65                                               $12,000
65 or older                                                         $13,600
Married filing jointly    under 65 (both spouses)     $24,000.
                65 or older (one spouse)                     $25,300.
                65 or older (both spouses)                   $26,600.
Married filing seperately    any age                              $5.
Head of Household    under 65                             $18,000.
                65 or older                                         $19,600.
Qualifying widow(er)    under 65                          $24,000.
                65 or older                                         $25,300.


Important notes


The filing end date in 2019 for taxpayers living in USA is April 15. If you live abroad the deadline is June 15, with the option of extending until October 15.
However if you owe taxes the due date for paying them is April 15!